Sunday, February 5, 2012

Samara's 6th Birthday

On January 14th, Samara turned 6.  She told us that she waited very patiently for her birthday.  We are still laughing at this, yes, she waited patiently every single day for her birthday.  Yes she is waiting patiently every day for her next birthday too.
Making her cake...strawberry with chocolate frosting.

Everyone getting in on the act.

Pouring with plenty of supervision.

Let the decorating begin!  With Squinkies!!
Concentrating hard on her wish...very important!

Dinner of choice was pizza and cheetos.

Polly Pockets from Grandma & Grandpa Mecham!

Purse book from Grandma & Grandpa Parker!

A bit confused.....

Oh! a microphone!

Dancing and singing with her new microphone and headphones!!

Samara really enjoys being 6, she's so grown up don't you know.  She still LOVES school, she says math is her favorite, but I think she just loves knowing things, anything.  She remains our girly-girl and our superstar performer. 

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